Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When Reality Lives Up

One of the many reasons Jason and I chose to farm for a living is because, at least in theory, we could set ourselves up to have a great family oriented lifestyle.  Jason and I would work together, although there are certainly days where we both wonder why on earth we thought that was such a fabulous idea.  On top of that once we had a family we could both be at home most of the time and really be a big part of our child's daily life. We definitely had an idyllic vision in our minds of how our life was going to be. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where dreams and reality actually look the same. 

Apparently the planets and stars and everything else in the universe were all aligned perfectly. Jason, Carter and I all woke up in exceptionally good moods and we all three stayed that way all day.  I don't think we could have offended each other if we tried. The weather was absolutely perfect. The horses were perfect. The day went exactly as planned. The three of us went about our work on the farm and enjoyed each other's company. The horses were all happy, healthy, perfectly behaved and could not have made our lives any easier. Jason and I did not have one single disagreement, discussion, or bossy moment between us all day.  Everyone on the farm from the people to the horses to the goats was smiling, happy and unfailingly polite. How often does that happen? (right, almost never!!)

For any of you wondering, I am  here to tell you that farm life can be as ideal as you might think. We won't talk about the days when it is cold, raining and none of the horses will come.  It is amazing how perfect and pristine days like yesterday can make the cold, wet far from idyllic days seem so worth it.

Carter helping us put away all of the blankets yesterday

Silky, Lily and Dolly

Lofty, Donneur, Silver, Faune and Flyer waiting for breakfast . . . 

. . . Silver and Faune were being goofy while they were waiting

George finishing up a good grooming sessin

Ritchie and Rip waiting impatiently for dinner

Levendi, Apollo, Hemi, Trigger, Thomas, Moe and Homer

Renny, Johnny, Africa (it is hard to tell but there are actually two horses napping next to Renny), Sam and Wiz

Walden enjoying the afternoon sunshine; in the background Merlin is napping and Noble is grazing

Toledo and Rocky being frisky

once Toledo tired of playing Rocky convinced Clayton to play with him for awhile

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