Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Out of Time

We have had a lot going on at the farm the last few days and I am short on time tonight. I did manage to download and sort some pictures from the last few days so enjoy!


Mick, Sam and Johnny

Toledo and Kennedy

Flyer, Silver and Faune on the run . . . 

. . . Faune

Taco and Sebastian

Largo and Oskar

Traveller and Dolly; I only took this picture because it has one of the only spots with fall color in the background

Rubrico, Johnny and River

Darby, Alex, B-Rad and Murphy

Griselle and Sparky


Jenny said...

Beautiful pics. We are past peak hear. Those leaves change so fast.

Lori Skoog said...

Your shed looks like a showroom for farm equipment. Is there anything you don't have? No wonder Paradigm Farm is so pristine. All of your hard work pays off. I know what you mean about "organizing" your husbands "stuff." The same thing happens here.