Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day In Pictures

I thought it would be neat to share my day in pictures. I had my camera with me a good part of the day today and took quite a few pictures. What always amazes me is that it seems like I take so many pictures, yet I didn't even take pictures of all of the horses today and I also missed a couple of great photo opportunities. I didn't have my camera handy at all times today and there were a couple of truly great pictures that I missed. Two great photo opportunities that I missed today included:

1. Asterik and Sebastian down for a nap together with their noses touching. It truly should have been a Kodak moment but I didn't have my camera.

2. Elfin rolling in front of an audience. You met Elfin in this post and we celebrated his birthday in this post. Elfin is of course famous for his "dogwalk." He rolls on one side, sits up like a dog and crosses his front legs over each other to push himself to the other side, then lays back down and rolls on the other side. Elfin did his famous dogwalk roll with Ivan, Apollo, Dustin and Leo in a semicircle around him watching. It was such a cute moment and I missed it because I had set my camera down.

I mostly seem to end up with pictures of horses grazing. You do tend to see a lot of that around here! All of these pictures were taken today and I even posted them in the order they were taken.

Traveller making his way through the woods eager for his breakfast
Sebastian and Ogie
Tony and Apollo
Tony coming out of the shed to join Ivan and Apollo wherever they were headingIvan, Apollo and Dustin; something really had Dustin's attention
It was Baby who was making his way over to the fence for some cross-pasture socializing
Levendi and Dustin
They look tiny in this picture taken from a distance but it is Slinky (Slink in Pink!), Baby, Snappy and Chili; Apollo and Ivan are even harder to make out on the other side of the fence
Chance and Leo
This was not the picture I wanted but yet again I had set my camera down. I noticed that Buffy and Harmony were down napping next to each other with Teddy and Missy also hanging out with hind legs resting. By the time I retrieved my camera and came back to their pasture Buffy had gotten up.
Bubba taking a nap
Billy grazing in front of the barn
The elusive Olivia napping in some hay


ezra_pandora said...

Bubba looks like he has a little blanket over his butt keeping him warm. lol That last picture of Faune looks neat.

ZionFarm said...

Great pictures! I love the last one of Faune. His markings remind me alot of Hoffy's. By the way- this is my new profile with a new blog. I wanted to write about everything going on at our farm..


Anonymous said...

Traveller looks AMAZING! You need to do a Meet Traveller post. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! He looks like a sweet ancient Warmblood I used to know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful blog! I love the pictures - I'm still learning how to do this. We have 3 (out of 11) senior horses (27, 28 and mid-30s) at our barn, so your posts are of particular interest to me.

Anonymous said...

love that pic of Faune :)