Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Sharing

of pictures of our residents . . . that I didn't take! I shared pictures of Sebastian and Faune in this post that were sent to me by their moms. Sebastian's mom sent me another variation on the same picture. This one is equally as good but with a much more humorous slant to it!

She also sent me a picture of Henry, her other horse, who is here for some R&R. One of Henry's favorite holidays is Halloween, and he dresses up every year. She sent me a picture of Henry in his most recent Halloween costume.

Sebastian sending out his version of holiday greetings. I said it in the last post but I have to say again how young he looks with his dark gray mane!

The first version that I shared in the previous post. This one needs to be a Hallmark greeting card.

Henry dressed up as a cow for Halloween this past fall. I love riding and showing as much as the next person but to me these are the times you remember the most, just having fun and being silly with your horse. I think they both look pretty pleased with themselves!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God. I am drowning in utter CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!

ezra_pandora said...

lol!! How cute! I'm afraid to put a fly bonnet on my mare for fear of what she's going to do, a costume would probably push her over the edge. They are such dears. I think I like both Christmas card opps about equally. How funny

AliFromNY said...

I was so shocked at how patient Henry was when I was dressing him up. He can be quite a fussy horse, but he just stood there like it was no big deal. Truly one of his shining moments.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Henry was clearly born to be a star. From dressing up to being on camera, he definitely likes being in the spotlight.