Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blankets in July?

No, we're definitely not wearing blankets in July. But that doesn't mean I'm not having to deal with them! On Friday we gathered all of the blankets from the various places they are kept around the farm and got them all into the barn. It is time to get all of the blankets in for cleaning and repair as I have procrastinated on this task for far too long. I know what a huge pain it is to do this and am not above admitting that I've just plain avoided it for the last couple of months.

Starting to pile them all in the barn; we were just getting started here

Amy using a sharpie to re-label this blanket
So we hauled blanket loads to the barn, knocked the dust off of them, and then re-labeled all of them with the horse's names. Because I have so many blankets (approaching 100) to get to the lady who does the cleaning and repairs for me they have to all be neatly folded as well. There is no way I could take them to her all in one trip if I tried to just stuff them unfolded in the back of the truck. It takes awhile to neatly fold that many blankets! Then we put them in stacks of 2-4 blankets each and tie them with baling twine. Then we had to pack all of the bundles into the back of the truck. It seems like it wouldn't be a big deal but this is a HUGE task!

Folded and tied into bundles with twine

And finally stuffed into the back of the truck

It was a relief to finally drop all of these dirty blankets off this weekend. At least I am no longer looking at all of these blankets hanging everywhere and acting as a reminder to me that I will have to tackle this task. Aside from the gargantuan blanket job we were just business as usual this weekend. We did get a good bit of rain this afternoon and I could see that most of the horses had taken advantage of it and rolled in the mud around the gates. We definitely needed the rain so I didn't mind the muddy horses!

Clay and Slinky
Homer and Leo
Trigger and Dustin were nuzzling each other
Norman completely ignoring his audience behind him
Harmony and Cuff Links
Baby entertaining himself while waiting for his turn with the farrier
Happy grazers
Cuff Links and Missy
Winston and Trillion
Faune and Sebastian


Anonymous said...

I hate blankets too - and I only had about 10 to take care of this year! That must have taken some time to deal with all those, and I can just imagine the smell - if mine are anything to judge by!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh my goodness, that is A LOT of blankets to worry about! Can you tell me again why they need them? We don't blanket any of ours summer or winter but our horses do come in every night in a stall. Romeo did get a blanket on the really cold nights as our vet instructed for a foal. Last year they did get quite a bit of hair compared to other winters because it got pretty cold. Is it so they won't get hair or to keep wind and sleeting rain off of them? I didn't realize it got that cold where you are?

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Thanks Melissa,
I always wonder when to blanket or not and always like to hear other people's methods. We have a shelter and our horses never go in it either! I keep wanting my husband to build another shelter because we don't have shade trees at all but he refuses because they don't use them! LOL! Since there's the pecking order, our mare goes in first if it's really bad out and won't let anyone else in that's why we always have to play musical paddocks and pastures. I don't really mind anyway because we get to handle them a lot then and train even when leading to and from areas. Funny, if we take the dominant mare out of the mix, the next dominant horse blocks the shelter and so on down the line of command....poor Romeo is at the bottom! Have a great day!