Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We've had a busy week so far this week. Gwen, the amazing farrier, was here Monday and will be back again tomorrow. We have an extra day scheduled this week to make up for the day we missed when Jason and I were away. I was sitting in the house in an almost comatose state Monday evening wondering why I was so tired. Then I remembered that I had hauled horses to the barn and then back to the fields from all over 140 acres throughout the day to have their feet trimmed. In addition Amy and I bathed and did manes on nine horses on Monday. And of course that was on top of the usual feeding everyone morning and evening, stall cleaning, water troughs, etc. No wonder I was so tired!

The pony wars have taken some more turns lately. In a change that really surprised me Buffy took over MyLight (who of course is not a pony). Buffy has claimed Missy the pony as her very own for months, so I was quite shocked to see that she had reassigned herself to being in charge of MyLight's life (and I do mean every moment of her life!). MyLight doesn't have the option of claiming Cuff Links as her pony any more due to that change, so Harmony has now taken over both ponies (Cuffie and Missy). I don't know what brought this about as I didn't see the big shift actually happen.

To throw another curve ball into things Lily was integrated into their group Friday and Saturday and has been with them since Saturday afternoon. She has shown a lot of interest in the ponies (especially Cuffie) and MyLight. Harmony has firmly kept the ponies off limits to everyone else so she has to sneak over to them. Cuffie actually seems pretty keen on quality time with Lily so they kind of sneak towards each other. MyLight seems equally interested in Lily so whenever they can escape Buffy's notice I see Lily and MyLight together. I have to say these mares and their ponies could be their own evening soap opera, like a Melrose Place or something.

Well, I'm off to get my farrier list together and then time for bed!

I haven't posted any pictures of Cloudy in awhile. Cloudy is the world's greatest barn cat.

Jason replaced our flags last week. Of course we fly both the U.S. and the Canadian flag.
Homer went for a swim in the pond and then he rolled. The effect is just . . . lovely. If you will recall Ivan is WHITE!!
Leo checking Ivan out with his new look
This picture of Trillion was too cute and had to be posted.
Faune and Trillion were buddied up to each other. They are great friends now but they used to be frenemies.
Buffy napping with MyLight grazing next to her
Trigger and Chance; they have 40 acres of beautiful grass in their pasture and they stand here picking at the scrub around the gate.


Anonymous said...

Love the saga of the pony wars - wonder what will happen next? Great pics as usual - if Norman's going in there, I wonder what will happen then!

On an unrelated note, would Jason be interested on commenting on the use of higher fat feeds - Ultium, Ultimate Finish - for horses in competition or horses who have trouble holding weight in cold weather? Just curious on his thoughts, if he's interested in posting.

Java's Mom said...

40 acres of grass... in one paddock... oh my that is amazing. I love CT, but wow you have a great spot there Melissa.

Jason said...

Sure I'll comment Kate !! Then I'll probably need Melissa to help me get my foot out of my mouth, but that's never really stopped me before !!

I think high fat feeds definitely have a place. Fat is a very concentrated source of energy, and it can sure help aid in keeping weight on a horse that's thin, BUT it's certainly possible to feed too much fat and this CAN be detrimental. For that reason, we try to max our (added) fat intake out at about 5 % of ration dry matter, which is usually around a pound of added fat. IE if you are feeding 10 lb of a 10 % fat feed per day, you're adding a pound of fat to that horses' diet.

IMO people need to remember that fat is only ONE source of energy, albeit the one that's in the most concentrated form !! Energy from fibre sources (beet pulp, hay) and from starches (oats, grains) are also important and can also help keep weight on a horse.

If it's possible to do so, improving the forage portion of the horse's diet is a much better option than feeding fat, IMO.