Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday Pictures

Our July weather has continued to be extremely pleasant the last few days. Yet again we did not get out of the 70's today. We also had rain off and on all day today. When Amy and I were feeding this morning we both got pretty wet. I managed to stay dry throughout the day including riding two horses. When I set out to do pm feeding and scrub/fill water troughs Jason said I should put Mina and Jo outside since it looked like the rain was done. I went over to the barn and put the goats outside, and turned the stalled horses out.

I kept looking at the clouds in the sky thinking we couldn't possibly be done with the rain. I made the decision to delay stall cleaning and do my pasture "stuff" first just in case. Thank goodness I didn't listen to Jason and looked at the sky! As I was walking back to the barn after finishing up the skies opened up and I got soaked again, but at least only for a minute this time. When I reached the barn I could hear two screaming, bellowing, distraught fainting goats in their pen because they were getting soaked. Goats hate to get wet and Mina and Jo won't go in their houses when it rains, they stand at the gate screaming to be brought in to their stall in the barn. So I got soaked again as I ran out to to open their gate so they could come back in the barn. They aren't spoiled at all!

It was pleasant to listen to the rain on the roof of the barn while I cleaned stalls, scrubbed water buckets and refilled hay for the next day. The horses enjoyed the warm rain and I didn't see any horses in their shelters, they were all out grazing in the rain. Actually no matter what time of the year and what the temperature is I rarely see a horse in the shelter when it is raining - kind of irritating really! You spend thousands of dollars per shelter so they can ignore them. I guess it makes us humans feel better to say that they have man-made shelters!

It can be confusing to identify the gray mares from a distance; L-R Buffy, Harmony, Lily
Winston; Winston had a little scrape on his leg that the flies found extremely attractive for some reason so I've been keeping it wrapped
Lightening, resident Arabian
The family; the goslings are pretty much grown up
Trigger, Baby and Tony
Ivan giving me the look of "what do you want, I'm busy!" as he was grazing by the pond
Levendi and Dustin; Baby and Tony are in the background
Lily, Missy and Buffy
Cuff Links MyLight and Lily hanging out under the trees
Homer (aka Homey or Homefry)
Leo and Trigger groomed on each other
This photograph is an excellent example of my terrible photography skills; I managed to cut Leo's nose off.
Slinky, Lightening and Teddy with Tony behind the fence


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! Lily looks very content.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

FYI you do not have terrible photographic skills, your photos are always nice! We've had rain and cool temps as well and it looks to be another rainy one today. I hear you with the shelter thing too, ours all stood out and grazed in the rain yesterday. Romeo was a black (muddy) horse instead of a cream one when I glanced at him last night as I drove into the driveway! Try to stay dry!