Friday, May 21, 2010

Late Friday Update

Sorry for the late Friday blog update! I've been spending longer hours outside as the days continue to lengthen and it doesn't always leave much time (or energy) for updating the blog. The weather has been lovely and it is more fun to be outside, even in the evenings, than on the computer! Below are some pictures and a video of recent scenes around the farm.

I have a yellow wagon that I keep down at the shed where I store feed, blankets, halters and such for the east side of the farm. I use it so much I got another one. As I rolled it down the hill to the shed the mares used this an excuse for much running, spooking, snorting and general excitement. I missed a lot of it, by the time I turned on my camera Harmony and MyLight had already done their mad dash across the pasture but I caught Lily's run. In the middle we see Dustin running down the hill in his pasture to see what all of the excitement is about.

MyLight and Thomas cozying up over the fence Asterik and Alex

Silky aka Slinky

Lucky and Chili
Thomas, Leo and Homer (Trigger hiding in the background)

A typical scene; Chili, O'Reilly, Snappy, Teddy, Clay, Lucky, Silky and Lightening


Chance and Hemi


Anonymous said...

Fun pictures - the Lil can still haul it!

jane augenstein said...

Great pictures! How happy all the horses must be that live there. So many horses and they all look so happy to be in a big herd.
What a great service you all are doing for the horses and their owners! What horse won't love to live with a lot of buddies to run and play with? :-D