Saturday, May 15, 2010


As I was posting the pictures for this blog it struck me that we have given nicknames to many of the horses here. I've shared the nicknames for the horses in the posted pictures. Jason comes up with a lot of them because . . . well, I don't really know why, because apparently it is just part of being Jason! Not everyone has a nickname, some of them already have the perfect name that we can't top with a nickname. My horse Sky for example does not have a nickname. Sky works for her and even Jason has been unable to come up with a variation on that. However she is from Canada so Jason does say "Sky, eh" a lot to acknowledge their shared heritage.

Other nicknames for some of the horses not in the pictures:
Traveller - "Pixie" and "Pone-pone;" (Pone is short for pony)
Lexi - Jason insists on calling her "Ixel" which is Lexi backwards. It has become kind of permanent as well.
Sebastian - "Sebi"
Baby - "Baby Dragon" (his owners actually bestowed this nickname on him and we carry on the tradition; it works for him and it makes everyone laugh as well)
Ivan - "Hivey Ivey" (one time we thought Ivan might be developing hives. It turned out he was not but Jason had already started calling him Hivey Ivey and once again it stuck)
Apollo - said in a long and drawn out way "Apooolloooo"
Elfin - "The Instigator" because he likes to start stuff and is always in the middle of things
Levendi - I call him "Mr. Crankypants" because he always makes these ugly faces at you in the cross ties that remind me of a bratty pony. We also have an expression that Levendi is about to 'go pony' on us)

So now I want to hear about nicknames other people have given to their horses (or other pets, spouses, kids, significant others, etc.). If their is a story as to how the nickname came about share that as well!

Leo and Dustin (Jason usually calls Dustin "Dustbin" because he is always so dirty or Dunstin); Leo's name is perfect and no nickname would work better than Leo. (Ok sometimes we call him fatty . . . I promise he doesn't mind!)

MyLight (usually called "Pretty Girl") and Lily (often referred to as "The Lil" or "Lilypie" and if she has a certain expression "Biker Babe.")

Slinky (his real name is actually Silky but we always call him Slinky because he is just too macho to be called Silky; he is "Slink in pink" during the winter because of his pink pony blankets), O'Reilly ("Mr. O" or "the Big O"), Chili ("Chili-bean") and Clay. Clay doesn't have a nickname because Clay just works for him.

Winston, often shortened to "Win"

Alex and B-Rad; no nicknames necessary for these guys, their names are perfect. What could top the name B-Rad anyway??

Faune, Big French Guy (him mom bestowed this nickname on him as he is a Selle Francais imported from France, we just carry on the tradition)

Chance and Hemi (Jason insists on pronouncing Hemi's name with a long i as in pie, so now everyone calls Hemi by the name "Hemie"; one of those things that starts as a joke and then becomes permanent). Chance is way too cute of a name to replace it with something else!

Thomas and Homer having a grooming session. I refer to Homer as either "Homeboy," Home Fry" or "Homie" and everyone else usually uses one of those nicknames as well. Thomas is the perfect name for Thomas, but he is also quite the ladies' man so sometimes he is referred to as such, and sometimes we just call him The Hunk because he is gorgeous and, well, he's a hunk.

Sky, Bonnie and Cinnamon; Sky and Cinnamon are without nicknames but Bonnie is often called "Bon Bon" or more frequently "The Bonster"

Norman, usually known as "Normie," although Norman is the perfect name for him.


Anonymous said...

OOH - a sleeping Norman! How sweet! We sometimes called him the Nurm.

Lil - I know exactly what the Biker Babe expression looks like!

RuckusButt said...

What a fun post to read. As for my crew:
Hazel (dog)- became 'Hazelnut Ruckus Butt the Third' when she was a puppy because, quite simply, she is a ruckus butt! My DH wonders what happened to the first three...I have no answer. I also call her 'baby girl' a lot, and 'Borat' when she yawns (you'd have to hear it).
Tonka (cat) - was named Tonka because he is Tonkinese and sounds like a truck. It doesn't get shortened often but he is sometimes called Tonks, Tonka Bean, & Beanie. Also, often, 'you f*#&!in' cat' because he likes to break &/or puke on stuff.
I've nicknamed my lease horse 'Brumby' for the blog and often confuse this with his barn name in real life. I like my nickname better, what can I say?
Cherokee (horse) - haven't written about him in awhile but I call him dumb-dumb, cause he is.
Edgar (Fjord horse) - his name is perfect but I sometimes call him Mr.Ed cause he's so damn clever.

Lauren said...

Arizona was dubbed "Ari" by Anita before he ever even moved in. I called him that on occasion before we moved to SPF, but when I told her I had a horse named "Arizona" she said "Thats simply too long. Whats his nickname?"

I'd say a good portion of the boarders at the barn don't know his full name and usually call him Are-y instead of Air-y.

When I write my ride logs, I usually shorten it to AZ and my dear friend Bobby calls him "Zone-zone" or "Zoners." I usually call him Punkin or Punkin-butt.

Brandy is "B", "B-B" or "Bwandy!"

Paisley is Pai, Pai-Pai, Paisle or Paisle-bug.

We've got some good ones at our barn! I might have to steal this blog post and do all the nicknames I have for our horses. Of course, portions of that blog may be PG-13...

Katie said...

Heehee...I love Home Fry and the Bonster. :3

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

My nickname for Apollo was "The Pooper", for obvious reasons. Also known as "Poopela". The show name of the horse I lease is "the Hamburgler" which no one likes. We call him Red so I think his show name should be Mr. Red in homage to the great Mr. Ed. My dog, Maestro, whom you know, is also called Mick, Mo, Maestie, Piccolini, Pickle, and Mickle, among other things. All my pets have nicknames, not all so interesting. Our new male turkey came with the name Turkelton. I call him Mr. T, Pete calls him Tom; his wife is Mrs. T to me and Tomasina to Pete. She came with the name Big Bird.

raphycassens said...

Our three doges are: Huckleberry - Huckie, Speculoos - Lulu, Reveta - Veeter. Collectively they are lovingly referred to as 'The Stupids'

Laura said...

Cute nicknames! Funny how we give most of our pets/animals nicknames...

I have a cat, dog and a horse.

I'm on a "bear" kick - the cat is little bear, the dog is black bear (he's a black lab) and Rusty is papa bear because he's 20...

I also call Rusty (my horse) Rusty Spurs or Pops or Gramps. The other boarder gets mad at me for calling him that, because she thinks I'm hurting his feelings! I gently reminded her that he doesn't understand what I'm as long as the tone is nice, it doesn't matter what I call him! lol

amy324 said...

Biker Babe, I love it. I always just called Norman "the pony," similar to the way we called our kids "the baby" during the first 4 weeks of their lives when they didn't have names. They fared better than the cats though, the cats have been here almost 2 years and they still don't have names. They don't seem to mind.