Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Moving Day

Although this day was delayed several times in the past week for various reasons it finally happened today. First Jason and I had to reschedule with the shipper. We ran into our infamous rock while putting in the water line and needed a few extra days to deal with our boulder. Then our shipper had to reschedule as his trailer was having some maintenance work done. We used his smaller trailer today instead of the semi, but it is still an air-ride equipped trailer so they had a smooth ride.

Everyone loaded with no problems. There were a couple of horses I was worried about as their owners had told me before that they weren't the best loaders. Maybe we're just the luckiest people on earth but we've yet to have anyone do anything other than walk on the trailer. Today was no exception. I always make sure we load a couple first that I know are easy loaders. After the horses watch their friends simply walk on the trailer like it is no big deal they follow their lead and do the same thing. Plus when all of their friends are on the trailer they have no desire to be left behind. Today the last couple of horses on the trailer literally jogged up the ramp as if to say "don't forget me!"

As always we were loaded and ready in about 15 minutes. A short ride later everyone was unloaded and grazing in their new pasture. For awhile they hardly made it 10 feet past the gate as they just put their heads down and started grazing. Eventually they began walking as a group around the pasture, and managed to work themselves up to a group trot for a few seconds. That was the extent of the excitement.

Overall it was a perfect day for moving. It rained yesterday and the horses were very dirty for their move today, but other than that no complaints. It was a gorgeous day, about 72 degrees and sunny. As soon as the horses were loaded I got in my car and headed to the farm ahead of the trailer. Even the radio was cooperative and I had some decent songs to sing along with. Prince and I sang "Little Red Corvette," I rapped along with Eminem to "Slim Shady," belted out "21 Guns" with Green Day and then "Use Somebody" with Kings of Leon. I was about halfway through "Poker Face" with Lady Gaga (Yes, I agree she's a total freakshow but I'm not ashamed to admit that I know the words to most of her songs. Laugh at me, I'm fine with it.) when the drive was over and we were at the farm. On the subject of music I should add that Jason and I have polar opposite tastes in music and no doubt he just read the songs I was singing along to and had never heard of any of the songs or the people who sang them. Jason followed the trailer and I'm sure he was in the truck singing along with some guy who had a country music hit in the early 1940's (fingernails meet chalkboard is what it sounds like to me) while I sang along with Lady Gaga.

Since the horses were so calm and cooperative I have nothing else to report - no complaints from me! Without further ado below are some pictures and a video from the today.

At the beginning of the video there are a few seconds of trotting but then it is all grazing horses. No action shots today!

Justin walking on the trailer while Boo waits for his turn


Sebastian and B-Rad

The horses arriving at the new farm

Lightening, Noble, Slinky and Lucky (and Regis but I accidentally cut him off on the left) watching the new arrivals put in. Lightening: "Looks like we're getting new neighbors." Noble: "They'll probably play the radio too loud and not keep their yard up very well."

Jason unloading Boo

Jason unloading Murphy

Boo, Justin, Darby, B-Rad, Clay and Fuzzy

It was business as usual after the horses were unloaded; Dutch attended to an itchy spot Sebastian surveying his new territory

After surveying his kingdom Sebastian had a good roll

Wiz thought that looked like a good idea so he rolled too

Boo and Justin
Murphy, Justin, Fuzzy, Boo, Sebastian, Clay and Chili
Clay, Fuzzy and Chili
Dutch, Wiz, Murphy and Clay
Wiz and Dutch
Clay and Fuzzy
Darby, B-Rad and Alex


Jason said...

With the possible exception of Prince, why would anyone choose to subject themselves to that when they could ride along with me, windows down on a pretty spring day and listen to Steve Earle, Charlie Daniels and Sweethearts of the Rodeo ?!

RuckusButt said...

Who?? Lol.

I can't believe how fast everything seemed to green up over there!

I love these moves and how uneventful they are. A good indication you're doing right, I'd say.

EvenSong said...

That's one DIRTY batcha' ponies!
Glad the move again went uneventfully. That's the way it should happen.
I'm curious. Why are the horses tethered in the trailer at the upper ring (above their cheeks), rather than the noseband ring?

Funder said...

ROFL at the "small trailer."

I could ride with either of yall. <3 Lady Gaga, and old country, and new country, and punk, and... well... just about anything my husband can't stand!

Jason - Todd Snider? Robert Earl Keen?

Tansy said...

You have no idea how jealous I am of your farm. It's gorgeous and the horses are having a blast! (in the oldies having a fantastic game of bingo sense, maybe, but all the same...)

My horse is lucky and lives outside 24/7 in a lovely pasture with loads of trees. But he has only one other horse for company and I know he'd be thrilled to be out with so many others like this.

Keep up the good work, or maybe I should say, "Rock On!!"

Bif said...

Awesome... and glad such smooth sailing for all involved!

Anonymous said...

Glad all went well!

Jason said...


The shrubs began greening up in late February along with the cool season grasses. The trees started in mid-March and with our recent hot weather, they finally decided it was time to spring into full leaf some time last week, along with the warm season grasses.

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

Congrats on another great and uneventful move! Who all do have left at the old farm? Your grass looks so green! Pete and I have totally differnt tastes in music as well...

Jill said...

Cheers to an uneventful move! How much longer until everyone is at one location? How is Miracle???