Sunday, April 17, 2011

Updates: Miracle, Bear, Moving

The last ten days have certainly been busy. We dealt with our rock. We moved some more horses to the new farm. Bear was injured (again!). Thankfully the last couple of days have been a little more quiet. We've had our usual normal work days instead of several days in a row of a normal day of work plus several extra hours of work. It was nice, in fact it almost felt like a vacation!

The horses who made the move last week are thoroughly enjoying their new pasture. All of that pristine grass that has yet to be trampled by hooves is the stuff horsey dreams are of made of. They are also sharing a fence line with the same group of horses (Spike, O'Reilly, Noble, Slinky, etc.) that lived across the fence from them before. So little has changed in their world except they have a bigger shelter (Maybe they'll use this one?? Doubt it!) and a brand new fence. They have been happily grazing and carrying on with life as usual. This is what we expected but it is always nice when things go as planned.

Sebastian, Chili, Boo and Wiz Justin, Wiz, Murphy, Dutch and Clay Justin B-Rad, Alex, Darby Clay, Justin, Fuzzy, Sebastian Sebastian, Clay, Fuzzy, Dutch, Wiz, Murphy, Boo Chili

Several people have asked for a Miracle update and she is also doing very well. She's gained a good bit of weight and lost a lot of her ugly "starvation coat." As her coat starts to emerge from underneath the dead hair we're trying to guess what color she is. Jason and I, the farrier, Amy, the vet, we've all looked at her and wondered aloud "what color is she?" She still hasn't completely lost all of the hair so it can be hard to tell. We've tossed around the idea of a blue roan a few times. She may just be a steel gray with lots of roaning who is going to end up being white in a few years.

We tried to get some new pictures of her yesterday but she really didn't want to pose. She just wanted to eat but who can blame her? I think Miracle may have grown a little bit in the month she has been here, or maybe she just looks different as she continues to gain weight. eating some hay

she has nap time every day

I disturbed her. Look at her sleepy face

Hanging out with Sky

Bear is doing well. His stitches are holding nicely and his drain tubes are draining. After a couple of days of being a convalescent he is acting like his usual self again. He looks ridiculous with his new hair cut. Depending on what direction I'm looking at him from sometimes he looks like he has a bad poodle cut, other times he looks like a little gorilla. He goes back to the vet tomorrow to see about getting his drain tubes out, and then hopefully his stitches will come out a few days after that.

Bear is no stranger to stitches, drain tubes, surgery or the vet. Approximately every 2.5 years Bear manages to get himself injured. It always happens outside of regular business hours so we have to go to the emergency clinic. They know him well at the emergency clinic! Over the years Bear has had three "minor" surgeries to put him back together including three sets of drainage tubes, over 200 stitches and about 30 staples - all on the 16 pound schipperke. He's also had one major eye surgery when he was about 2 years old for an eye injury so we got to know the local animal ophthalmologist really well during that period. He managed to injure his eye while he was in the house by himself. Good thing we really love the little dog because he is expensive!

Needless to say we've enjoyed the relative peace of the last couple of days. Here's hoping it stays this way for awhile!


Jo the fainting goat thoroughly checked out Bear; she definitely noticed there were some things different about him!

Jason enjoying a morning cup of coffee with the goats


Lily had another big date with the shedding blade, and my new favorite shedding tool the Sleek-EZ

MyLight and Harmony

Stormy and Kennedy



Lily and Maisie

Tony and Baby





New faces around the farm:



Silver in action winning a hunter derby


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks good - and I'll bet Lily is a number of pounds lighter!

RuckusButt said...

Goodness Fonzi and Silver took my breath away!

Good to hear Bear is back to being Bear. My Hazel has been incredibly expensive over the years but I wouldn't have made a single different decision in her treatment. Little boogers.

Guess we'll have to wait and see with Miracle. I vote for grey.

Bif said...

Miracle is grey... her face isn't base coat only, like a roan would be. (Varnish roan appys aside)

Glad to hear Bear is doing well... looking forward to the tales of the newest inhabitants.

Lori said...

I love to see the updates on Miracle and in general, I love your farm of old friends. One day Melissa, one day, heheheh what am I saying, I am already an old folks farm LOL.

So happy to see the changes in Miracle, the contentment on her face. I cant wait to see the end result.