Thursday, April 21, 2011


Jason and I have had more equipment bloopers this week including one with the sprayer and one with a tractor. Hopefully I will have time to share our latest adventures with malfunctioning equipment soon. Tonight I am short on time so enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful weekend!

Winston and Faune


The wild turkeys are back. They are everywhere and almost every time I'm in a pasture I hear them gobbling. I think they are creepy looking.

the geese wandering through a pasture

Regis and Slinky


Lightening and Snappy (that's Slinky hiding behind them)

Noble (looking so clean!) and O'Reilly

Hemi and Homer

Levendi and Leo

Chance and Elfin


Catherine said...

Oh Noble, how you make me so glad I own chestnuts! But he looks like he had fun!

Non-Stop Mom said...

How funny - I just posted pictures of wild turkeys on my blog not 10 minutes ago! LOL

Laura (Rampal's Mom) said...

We have turkeys all over in Ohio this year like I have never seen before. My horse saw them for the first time a few weeks ago and about had a heart attack. He was upset for hours afterwards!

raphycassens said...

Noble looks like a paint!

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

We have plenty of wild turkey in Florida also. They are quite tasty, the ones I cooked in NY and Va. Have not eaten one here. My trainer's mare stomped one to death several years ago when she was in the pasture with her foal.