Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Moving Day

We had another moving day today. We were hoping it would be the last moving day but we will be having one more moving day in the near future. I said to Jason today that the finish line seems so close yet so far away right now. We still have a few projects that need to be completed before we move the last group and I am still in the process of organizing all of the stuff to get it ready to move. Most people have heard me say this before but moving the horses is the easy part. It is moving all of the stuff that is the hard part. Oh my gosh the STUFF!! The feed, feedbags, supplements, medications, grooming and bathing supplies, the blankets, extra halters and leadropes, and all of the "extra" things that a lot of the horses come with for those "just in case X happens" type events - in other words the stuff we have never EVER needed, but if we leave it behind will of course need it ASAP. Can you tell I really wanted to wrap this all up today??

Today was another successful day. The mares and ponies are now happily grazing in their new pasture. The geldings that had been sharing a fenceline with them had a particularly bad day today for about 15 minutes. They screamed and called and basically threw a group temper tantrum as they watched them load on the trailer. Thankfully once everyone was loaded and the trailer pulled away they quickly stopped caring and went back to grazing. Remember that line from Austin Powers when he is trying to convince his Mini Me to get off the ceiling? It went something like "if something happens to you I will be inconsolable. Actually I would be inconsolable for about 15 minutes and then I would move on and get a new Mini Me." The boys were inconsolable for about 15 minutes and then they moved on.

As always it only took a few minutes to unload everyone and put them in their new pasture. I immediately ran into the pasture armed with my camera, ready to capture all of the glorious action shots and fun videos as everyone explored their new pasture. I ended up with exactly one action shot and no videos. The grass was so tall the horses could not resist and they just started eating. I was primed and ready but my subjects were not cooperating!


MyLight got the day started right. She was first on the trailer and loaded like a pro.

Maisie needed a moment to stand and check things out, then she walked on quietly.

Traveller is such a good pony he probably would have loaded himself

Lily walked right on the trailer

Silky backing into her stall

Missy was the last to load and then they were off

Driving up to their new pasture at the new farm. You can see one of our unfinished projects in this picture. We have not finished extending the driveway and currently the gravel stops after the first 1500 feet off the road. We need to gravel another 2000 feet. We have simply been driving on the grass (dirt) like rednecks. Good thing it has not rained in a couple of weeks!! It isn't hard to arrange for a bunch of gravel but there is (ahem) a rock that needs to be dealt with first. We ares still so traumatized from our first rock experience we are avoiding dealing with this one. All I can say is please do not let dealing with this rock turn into a blog post. PLEASE.

Fuzzy and Chili were watching with interest while the newcomers unloaded.

Sam, B-Rad and Alex on the other hand could not have cared less about the new arrivals

Cinnamon and Traveller were wild things after they unloaded

My one action shot, Norman and MyLight trotting

Missy, Cuffie and Silky walking through their new pasture. Maybe this picture kinda/sorta counts as an action shot

Maisie, Silky and Missy



Lily, Cuffie and MyLight

Lily and Maisie


Anonymous said...

Looks like things went pretty well - happy mares and ponies!

PhunnieOne said...

Everyone looks happy and healthy. Your comments reminded me of what my friend told me about children. Kids themselves are not expensive it is all the things they need that will get you in the wallet.

Funder said...

Congrats on an uneventful move!

Anonymous said...

So happy moving day was a success

MyLight's mom