Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Really Is True and Pony Wars Update

A friend of mine sent me a link to this article about a pony getting itself stuck in a tractor tire. The article also has a series of pictures showing the pony being freed from the tire. I know I have mentioned it before but it really IS true, horses are born looking for a way to kill themselves. This reminds me of the article I saw a couple of years ago where are a mare managed to climb into her water trough and get herself wedged in it. I also remember this article from a couple of years ago, complete with picture, where the horse got stuck in a tree. Water troughs and trees seem like they should be so neutral!

I don't have any tires in my pastures but I do have water troughs (and horses that like to play in them!) and trees. PLEASE let me not find this scenario in one of my pastures!

Now for an update on the Pony Wars. It appears that for now MyLight has still abandoned Missy and has claimed both Norman and Cinnamon. These three are a triumvirate right now.

MyLight, Norman and Cinnamon

Missy was not available on the open market for long. Silky now has her very own pony in the form of Missy.

Silky and Missy

Cuff Links and Traveller have refuted all attempts at being claimed and have maintained their independence for now. Maisie desperately wanted to claim a pony but Lily has refused to allow it. Whenever Maisie starts trying to head over to any pony Lily cuts her off and herds her away. Lily has initiated a lot of grooming sessions with Maisie in an attempt to keep her occupied and not thinking about ponies. At least for now this is the status quo of mares and ponies.
Lily and Maisie


Sam hanging out in the woods (please do not find a tree to get stuck in!!) with Chili behind him

Sebastian and Renny in the woods

Clay and Fuzzy Punch

B-Rad, Alex and Darby

Fonzi, Silver, Chimano, Faune, Asterik, Gus

Stormy and Clayton


Kennedy and Toledo

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cheyenne jones said...

Dont you just love those shots? What is it with horses? Your right, they are always looking for some way to injure themselves!

Read the articles, still laughing now!