Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video & Pictures

I'm a little bit short on time this evening so please enjoy the video and the pictures!

After breakfast the Big Boys left in a hurry . . .

. . . as they needed to take care of the pressing business of standing around the trees doing nothing.

Grand and Elfin showing us why the needed to run over to the trees, so they could assume their positions and do nothing.

Thomas and Hemi

Tony, Chance and Leo opted for sun instead of shade


Sparky the donkey having his teeth floated

My horse Bonnie is an over the top flirt. Here she was practicing her skills on the innocent surveyor. "Hey, you aren't even looking at me."

She started making progress

and before long she had him kissing her on the forehead

Johnny, Rocky and Clayton

the goats had an action packed day

Sebastian and Renny

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Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Wow - the Bonnie + surveyor series is so sweet!