Thursday, September 20, 2012

Change In The Air

I've noticed in the last few days the horses are starting to shift gears.  We've spent the last few months in summer mode.  The horses are generally laid back and they spend a lot of time quietly hanging out and lounging around in the woods.  

This past week, although the daytime temperatures are still in the low 80's, the nights have been much cooler.   The horses are starting to gear up and get more active.  You will notice from the pictures in the last couple of blogs that there has been a lot of rambunctious playtime as well as a lot of galloping around for fun.  A change of season is definitely coming and fall will be here soon.  

If the horses getting friskier was not enough of a hint that summer will be giving way to fall soon, the appearance of the candy corn pumpkins in the stores is a dead giveaway.  I think I could eat five pounds of candy corn pumpkins in a single sitting.  So far I've had enough self control to limit myself to one really small bag but it is a struggle to walk past them every time I go to the store.  Jason does not share my affinity for candy corn pumpkins. I can't really comprehend this but at least when I do break down and buy some I don't have to worry about Jason stealing them.  Step away from Melissa's candy corn pumpkins and no one gets hurt!


B-Rad, Darby and Alex

Walden, Thor and Lucky

Gus enjoying a nice roll; Titan, Romeo, Silver and Lotus are behind him

George and Silver


Winston and Faune

Dutch, Murphy, Johnny, Sam and Wiz on the run

a few strides later

Sam had so much fun he kept going and galloped off by himself

our newest resident, Africa

Africa is enjoying the early days of retirement. Lighty is resting his head on Africa's back and Johnny is grooming him


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

It's getting friskier around here too!

Were you aware that there are candy corn M&Ms as well as oreos with candy corn filling? I wasn't - we don't have such culinary wonders out here in the hinterlands.

I received a care package yesterday with these treats - too bad I don't share your love of candy corn. The bottle of Korean hot sauce included is more up my alley. ;D

SmartAlex said...

Mmmm the pumpkin shaped ones are so much better than the regular ones! So far I've avoided them. Now I really want some!!!

Christine said...

Candy corn pumpkins? Pleading ignorance I'll have to look these up online :)

We're enjoying some spring weather after a cold, cold winter here in Australia!