Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quiet Weekend

The last couple of days around the farm have been pretty quiet.  The remnants of Isaac have been making their way through the area so we've seen a lot of overcast skies and off and on rain showers.  It feels quite pleasant when the skies are overcast, however when the sun comes out it is really humid.  The horses graze happily in the rain and when it is cloudy.  When the sun comes out they have been heading straight to the woods to hang out in the shade.

As always we will celebrate Labor Day on the farm by laboring.  We find the horses have very little use for holidays and still expect meals to be served promptly.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!


Rocky and Toledo

Stormy and Clayton

Rampal and Largo

B-Rad, Darby, Alex and Johnny

Renny, Murphy, Fuzzy and Chili show us the typical pasture view of grazing horses scattered around

Silky on the run


Fabrizzio, Walden and Thor

Norman, Traveller, Cuff Links and Cinnamon - pony power club!

Asterik and Gus


Jess said...

Gosh darn I wish I had your job.... or was at least a full time employee! Hard but rewarding work... My kinda job :-)

Bif said...

I've lounged through my Labor Day, although I have WAAAY too much to do.