Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'll Get It

It is amazing how many "people products" all of us horse people use on our horses.  I'm sure we could all come up with an impressive list of crossover items that get put to use in the barn and the house.  A few months ago Jason had an ugly cut and he could not find any triple antibiotic ointment in the house.  He told me of his dilemma and that he would have to run to the store to pick some up.  Thinking I was being nice and helpful I said "oh, I've got plenty in the barn, I'll get it for you."

He looked at me as if I had just suggested we collect some fresh manure, smear it all over his cut, and then wrap everything up.  I said "What? What's the problem?"  He just kept giving me that horrified look.  I tried again, "Jason, it isn't like the tube is kept uncapped laying on a stall floor and covered by poop piles."  He was unconvinced and ended up purchasing himself a new, pristine tube of triple antibiotic ointment.

Since Carter has been home there have been other instances where I've offered to go fetch some useful item from the barn.  Desitin and baby powder are two of the recent ones.  Each time we have basically repeated the above conversation and Jason has purchased new, pristine containers of the item under discussion. 

I think the funniest example was when we could not find a thermometer in the house and Jason thought he had a fever.  We were rummaging in our bedside tables, the bathroom, the kitchen and all sorts of random places trying to find a thermometer.  I finally found one and handed it to Jason.  Just as the thermometer was about an inch from his mouth I said "I had to go get it from the barn."  Well, you can imagine his response to THAT statement. 

Through bouts of hysterical laughter I kept telling him "it was a joke! It was a JOKE!  You know, ha ha.?!"  Jason absolutely, positively did not see anything funny in it all.  He also did not believe me.  I said "Seriously?  For real?  You really think I would let you put a thermometer in your mouth that had been up a horse's butt?"  That question was answered with a stony glare.  One trip to the drugstore later he used his brand new thermometer to check his temperature. After all the drama it turned out he did not have a fever. I think he still holds some kind of grudge against me about the whole incident even though I was just kidding.  


Maisie and Calimba

Elfin doing his "dogwalk" to roll on his other side

 Silver and Titan hanging out

Calimba, Cinnamon and MyLight

Winston hanging out in the woods

multi-horse play session; Titan, Silver and Lotus

Asterik and Romeo were also being playful

Renny, Johnny, Lighty and Fuzzy

Sebastian and Wiz

Chili and Dutch

Snappy and Lightening


Monsters Groom said...

I have been following you guys for quite awhile! This post I have to comment on. I currently have a broken ankle. Before getting an X-ray I used vet wrap in loo of a tensor bandage for three days. On my crutches are stable bandages for padding under the arms. Due to the location of the break they did not cast my leg, so at night for support I bandage myself up with stable wraps. Works great and is better than the $160 splint they wanted me to buy! I am always using horse ointment for major and minor cuts while in the barn. Sunburns, pull out the tub of poltuice! Works AMAZING to pull the sting and heat out of the skin. Good for wasp stings too. You look slightly crazy but it works. I could go on and on I'm sure. I think Jason's a bit crazy for not wanting the barn supplies :) it's my go to for just about everything.

RuckusButt said...

LOL, I must admit a thermometer is the one barn item I would not use on myself! As for triple antibiotic ointment...I did the reverse recently - insisted on a new tube for the barn!

Anonymous said...

Of course he didn't have a fever- your comment made his blood run cold!

Great idea, though- I might have said the same thing. Hee heee.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Monsters Groom, first off I hope your snkle heals quickly, ouch!! Second, I think there are almost unlimited applications for vet wrap snd duct tape!

Bif said...

Unless you're grabbing Excaliber, I really think Jason is being a little overly particular.

Although I agree the thermometer is a line that must never be crossed. Before the time of digital thermometers, the long string made it so easy to keep them straight...

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

One cannot buy the mercury thermometers at the drugstores any more as mercury is "dangerous". We like the old fashioned thermometers so when I saw them in the horse catalog I ordered a couple for us to use at home. They work just fine!