Thursday, March 10, 2016

More of Life with Timbit

We've shared before what life is like with Timbit. Even though he is technically a miniature horse and not a pony he lives up to every stereotype of a pony. He has napoleon complex. He hates all vets. Both of our farriers always hope the other one is going to trim Timbit's hooves. He doesn't respect fences of any type. I could keep going but you get the general idea. Carter loves Timbit, and Timbit is actually good with Carter, so Jason and I force ourselves to live with the little trouble maker.

Timbit's favorite thing in the world is a new resident at the farm.  He always introduces himself, gets them all riled up and excited about him, and then leaves. I think he likes to listen to them screaming his name.  He's had a couple of opportunities recently to introduce himself to new horses.

Timbit with new resident Cisco

Some still frames from the video above. Cisco saying, "watch this." 

Timbit saying, "I can do that."

I call this video the "drive by" visit from Timbit. He comes in like a speeding bullet, makes his presence known, and leaves like a speeding bullet. The bay horse is our new resident Havana who was hanging out with his "brother" Cino when Timbit came for a visit.

One thing seems to always be true at Paradigm Farms. The more things change, the more Timbit remains the same. 


Sam rolled . . . 

. . . then it was Lighty's turn . . . 

. . . and Johnny's turn . . . 

. . . and finally B-rad's turn

George, Cocomo and Asterik

Fabrizzio, Walden and Cino

Oscar and Donovan



George and Donneur


foffmom said...

Timbit is clearly a legend in his own mind. Just sharing his greatness with the minions out in the field, making their boring day by sprinkling some Timbit charm.
Seriously, Cisco's trot is breathtaking. Particularly next to Timbit's.

JDay said...


Lori Skoog said...

Timbit is not only gutzieeeee....he is adorable. Your entire heard is positively gorgeous.

An American in Tokyo said...

Too cute! Timbit is like, "Anything you can do, I can do better!" hee hee!