Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Week In Pictures

Since the horses here are retired you would think it would be hard to take good pictures. However, it would be easy to put three times as many pictures in this post just from the shots I have taken in the last week. What is amazing is how many great photo opportunities I miss! I have my camera with me often but not always, and inevitably I find myself wishing I could grab my camera.

I would imagine a lot of the pictures get repetitive to people over the months as they are basically various poses of horses grazing, napping, rolling and interacting with each other, but I never tire of taking pictures of happy and content horses. No, they aren't leaping over huge fences, performing a precise dressage test, or trail riding against a gorgeous moutain backdrop but I love the pictures from around the farm just the same. But of course I am slightly biased . . .

Teddy and Buffy grazing together
Bella taking a drink
Faune and Trillion grazing together. It looks like the answer is BFF!
Trillion and Sebastian; I just like the light and trees in the background, and of course the pretty horses!
Bonnie with Lexi in the background.
Apollo and Elfin sharing a drink
Faune would have a "come to Jesus" talk with anyone else about this!
Homer and Elfin
Elfin doing his "dogwalk" to roll on the other side
Sparky had to create as much dust as possible
Harmony grazing in a tranquil setting
Ogie munching contentedly


Anonymous said...

*kisses to my Faunie* Missing him terribly but relishing in his happiness <3

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Yup there is my princess...complete with the usual big green manure stain on her side. How many acres and she still has to roll in poo? It's the curse of the white horse, I tell you...