Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clean Horses, More Construction

We are starting off 2011 in the same manner that we spent much of 2010 - up to our knees in construction projects. My favorite question, a rhetorical one at that, is "will it ever end?" Please, no one needs to actually answer that!

Jason and I met with our contractors today to finalize plans for building several thousand more feet of fence. While the fence is being built we will be working on extending the driveway and running more water and electrical lines. Then we will build another run-in shed. We're hoping to be ready to move the next group of horses to the new farm in 4-6 weeks. That may be a bit ambitious but lofty goals are a good thing, right?

In other news we had a nice rain the other night and the horses are looking cleaner than ever (that was said with a LOT of sarcasm). Tomorrow has a heavy grooming day on the schedule and I am eagerly anticipating (there goes that sarcasm again) the feeling of dirt and grit in my teeth as a I scrape large amount of dirt off of several dirty horses with a shedding blade.

Someone contacted me about working here last week. They said they loved animals and had some horse experience and really wanted to work on a horse farm. I told her that in addition to working outside when it is hot, cold, gorgeous weather, raining, windy etc. that you also need to plan to be really dirty much of the time. Unsurprisingly I never heard from her again. I swear people think that when you work on a horse farm the weather is always perfect, the horses are always cooperative and they're never dirty. Since everything is always so perfect you have a lot of time on your hands and you spend it all gazing at gorgeous horses in manicured pastures and perfectly clean stalls all the time. HAHAHA!!


Spike; Send your horse to retire here and your horse could also look like this. Excellent advertising I say! As you look at this picture you must be thinking "their standards of horse care are so high it is incredible."

Alex and B-Rad

Asterik and Romeo

Faune and Chimano

Sebastian - another clean horse and more excellent advertising!



Rampal and Stormy

Cuff Links looking cuter than ever

Bonnie, Sparky and Cinnamon



Fuzzy Norman!


Gabriella Elise said...

A few more sarcastic comments to add: "Tiny is SO tiny!" "Look at the gorgeous 3 ft of snow in our driveway'"

When i saw your first "great advertising" picture of the bay/brown/chestnut horse, I thought he might be an Appaloosa or a paint. Then I looked closer and saw that it was just dirt. Ha!

PhunnieOne said...

Anyone who looks at a dirty horse and thinks it is substandard care has never worked on a horse farm where they are allowed to go out and just be. They get dirty, fact of life.

I will admit even though I loved farm work I did not like working in the rain, most of the pasture gates where on slopes (for some unknown reason) so we risked life and limb bringing in the grumpy, hungry mares and their crazy babies. =)

Anonymous said...

A dirty horse is a happy horse!

Jill said...

Heck...my mare isn't retired and she looks like that most of the time. That's what you get for owning a half horse/half PIG. lol

raphycassens said...

Is that snowpuff really Cuffie????

Anonymous said...

"Mud Happens" and it makes them so happy.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Melissa, I so enjoyed this post! I don't feel so bad owning six dirty horses right now! They inevitably find the mud when turned out regularly and do LOVE IT! Ours are not too bad right (with the exception of Romeo/Cremelo) as it's really still cold so the mud is at bay. You're right, there are many fly by night horse workers! The real nitty gritty horse people are the ones like you and Jason.....and me who do it all themselves come rain or shine.....or snowflake in my case! All for the LOVE of HORSES! I'm tired from all the stall work today in the 20's and I have a lame mare tonight and cannot find out what her problem is? She did not want to come out of her stall this morning (a normally high strung mare with high head) head low and not wanting to put weight on hind leg. I have no idea what she did to it. No heat, just sore and swollen, Romeo wouldn't even eat until she was in tonight. He knew mama wasn't right. Tell me they don't know when something isn't up to par? They really are family! Best to you and Jason in 2011! I still haven't given up moving further south! Long Branch Ranch is REALLY courting us! Looks good on the brochure.....this time of year of course! We're supposed to get more snow and cold tomorrow. Ugh....where's my Vitamin D?

Cate said...

Heyyyy...I have horse experience and have no problems with dirt and grime and bad weather and uncooperative 1000-pound beasts and I'm looking for an excuse to quit my job and leave Pittsburgh...will you hire me? :)