Tuesday, January 22, 2013



Sam doing his thing


Cuffie napping, Silky hanging out, Norman, Traveller and Maisie eating hay

Darby and Sebastian

MyLight and Calimba

Tiny, Oskar and Toledo hanging out

Noble, Fabrizzio, Lucky and Merlin

Titan, Silver, Lotus, George, Asterik and Romeo on the run


RuckusButt said...

I love the photo of Griselle with her lovely face and the interesting play of pattern and light in the fence line behind her. Then I noticed the top board. Those buggers have already chewed boards enough to be slightly noticeable?? Rabbits in horse costumes, they are!

I love them all but think the last photo would make a good banner. The colour balance is great and not exactly something you can plan. Well you could, I guess, but that'd be weird ;-)

Anonymous said...

Peaceful, happy horses - thanks for a great start to my day!