Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playing Nice

The last couple of days were definitely a nice peace offering from Mother Nature after the miserable weather earlier in the week. The weekend was even nicer than expected.  As Jason said, you know it is pleasant when Melissa, the coldest of the cold, takes her coat off.  I took my coat off on Saturday and Sunday. Jason of course had his shirt sleeves rolled up. 

It is kind of mind blowing to Canadian Jason how cold I am. I am always reminding him I grew up in the south, not Canada. We have one of those head scan thermometers and the other day Jason decided to scan his forehead and take his temperature, and then scan his hands and see what their temperature was.  His forehead was 98.6 F and his hands were about a degree lower.  My forehead was about 98 F, and my hands were 75.  Jason kept re-checking his data and re-scanning my hands, muttering about how this wasn't possible.  He finally conceded that it was, in fact, possible.  

So, back to the topic at hand, I took my coat off both days this weekend which is all the proof that anyone should need that we had a pleasant weekend here. There were a lot of happy horses soaking up the sun, some just standing around resting a hind foot and others napping.  It was nice, and everyone was in a good mood. Jason didn't even have to defensively announce our happy family status like he did a couple of days ago.  It is amazing how pleasant, sunny days can instantly improve your overall mood and outlook on life, especially when you work outside.


Jason was down to his shirt sleeves as he changed the battery on the tractor

Lucky and Lightening soaking up the sunshine

I wasn't sure who this was until he lifted his head...

... it was Hemi

Levendi, Trigger, Homer and Apollo

 Snappy showing off the winter look

Wiz and Johnny

Africa and Murphy

Chili and Sam

Faune, Winston, Gus and George

Merlin, Walden and Noble


Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting some nice weather to make up for the bad stuff . . .

cheyenne jones said...

Could do with some dry weather and heat over here!!