Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tis the Season

I don't know what the correlation is between horse medication and Christmas shopping, but as I texted some refills to our vet at lunchtime today I randomly had the thought that it was December 6th and I had not done any Christmas shipping. Well, that's not entirely accurate, I've done most of Carter's Christmas shopping. However, anyone else that might be on the list to get a Christmas present from me, it's not looking too good right now. Sorry Jason.

On the topic of Christmas and the holidays, I did manage to put up all of our stockings and we do have our tree up and decorated. Our tree looks a little bit like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree since we're down a lot of ornaments after our cat Jingle took down our tree and broke it in half last year. Jason seemed a bit miffed as Carter and I hung up the stockings. We have stockings for me, Carter and Jason, and of course the World's Cutest Fainting Goats, and Oscar the feral cat, and Jingle and Joy the house cats, and Ewen the dog, my horse Bonnie, Timbit the worst pony ever, and Sparky the best donkey ever. That gives us a total of 13 stockings.

Jason: That seems to be an excessive number of stockings

Me:  Why?

Jason:  There's 3 of us and 13 stockings

Me: Well of course the pets have stockings

Jason:  I feel like 10 pets is excessive

Me:  We have more than 10 pets, I never made stockings for the pet cows

Jason:  I feel that 13 pets is extremely excessive

Me:  Why? I don't understand this. My parents, sister and I had way more than 13 pets at Windy Hills Farm

Jason: (getting grumpier by the second) But that's not normal. No one has that many pets. Normal people don't have that many pets! (this last part was spoken with conviction)

Me:  I like being abnormal

Jason:  Oscar doesn't even count as a pet. We can't even touch him!

Me:  Oscar has clearly chosen us as his family. I get that we can't touch him or get closer than about 3 feet away, but he's only been around what, four years now? He just needs more time.

Jason:  Silence (a good choice when you realize the conversation is going nowhere)

And that's what the holiday season is like at the Webb house. Now I need to find some time to make a list of people I need to shop for, figure out gifts, and hope they are all eligible for Prime shipping on Amazon.


Merlin and Duesy

Cocomo and Asterik


Lotus, Gus and Romeo

Gibson and Silver

Lofty and George

Lightning and Havana

I couldn't get Ripley, Walon or Wilson to lift their heads for a picture . . . 

. . . I finally got a couple of annoyed looks

Calimba, MyLight and Maisie

Digby doing his best to convince Paramount to play

Digby says, "fine, I'll just stick my tongue out at you"

Trigger and Revy


foffmom said...

5 horses. 3 dogs. 16 cats (2 cannot touch feral, 2 feralish but can touch) 2 snakes
But they do not have stockings, but neither do the humans!
Normal is just average. Who wants that?

lytha said...

Tell us about the hanging of the Christmas lights! G**D***CHEAPA**LIGHTS!