Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nap Time

I guess it is only fitting that on a horse retirement farm I see the horses napping regularly. After all they are retired! The horses have pretty regular routines, and being prey animals they tend to do more of their resting and sleeping during the day than they do at night. That allows me the opportunity to take a lot of exciting pictures of horses sleeping. I have managed to capture a lot of these pictures in the last few weeks.

The "big boys" gathering in their usual spot for their afternoon siesta
I think Bush spends as much time sleeping as he does awake Poco letting out a couple of big yawns as he settles into position for his afternoon siesta
Trillion was so sleepy he was letting the fence hold his head upTrillion says it is a tough life but someone has to do it
Sebastian was right next to him and was dead asleep
Cloudy's barn cat duties wear him out
Poco and Ogie napping in the shed


ezra_pandora said...

How cute. Love when they feel the need to have to rest their heads on something to hold them up. I cannot get any cool pictures of my horses like you do to save my life. I'm so envious. Love them.

The Intrepid Instructor said...

Love that picture of Trillion, so relaxed!