Monday, October 13, 2008

Poco Is Home!

Poco was evicted, er, I mean discharged from the clinic today. His breathing was back to normal yesterday and stayed that way though lunchtime today so we were asked (begged) to bring him home. After being scoped, having multiple ultrasounds, being on IV fluids and being poked and prodded for four days, there is still a big question mark as to the cause of his upper respiratory inflammation. At this point the vets think his liver problem is a separate issue from the upper respiratory problem. We will be redoing his bloodwork (for the fourth time!) in two weeks to check his liver enzymes again. In the meantime I have the pleasure of medicating him several times a day. He is off the steroids for now and will be on banamine for two more days, and antibiotics and Liver Kl'een for 14 days. Yeah for me.

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes and for the comments and e-mails I have received the last few days. I really appreciate them! I can't say that Poco does but I have no doubt he has enjoyed his 15 minutes or less of fame. I hope we don't repeat this any time soon!

Things felt normal on the farm again this evening as I wrestled with Poco to get his medications in him. Sparky is one happy donkey to have his friend back and Poco is thrilled to be back. He was almost too friendly when we visited him at the clinic over the weekend. Poco bit me on the arm tonight. All is well again at the farm.

In his stall at the clinic; he hated being in the stall and looked tiny and dejected yesterday when we visited himPeeking over the door of his stall at us
Streeetching his neck up to look over the stall door
We were given permission to take him for a walk when we visited him on Sunday. Poco and my mom below going for a walk around the clinic. I think it is cute that she is barely taller than the shetland pony. The shaved patch of hair was one of the areas where the ultrasound probe was used.Foaming at the mouth tonight after I medicated him


The Intrepid Instructor said...

Glad you were able to bring him home, he's the cutest thing!

Anonymous said...

Melissa- So glad to hear Poco is home!

Holly Ratcliff said...

Poco, Poco, Poco! Yaaaay, Poco!!! He is such a cutie. I bet you'll think twice, now, before you chide him for biting. ;)