Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Did everyone see this post on the Fugly blog where the horse managed to get its head stuck in a tree? That blog entry also had pictures of the draft filly that wedged herself into a water trough. My first thought when I look at the pictures in this post below is why, why, WHY? These horses all live in big pastures, we allow approx. 2 acres per horse, and the pastures are well maintained. Even during the peak of the drought last year we still had lots of grazing in our pastures. Granted they've looked a lot better than they did last summer, but they weren't grazed down to dirt and weeds either. We really try hard to keep up our pastures, and it can be pretty expensive and time consuming. So why do the horses contort themselves so they can shove their head under the gates to pick at grass when they have acres and acres of equally good grass if they would just turn around and walk a few steps away from the gate?? *headdesk* *headdesk*

Faune (this picture was taken a couple of months ago but the rest are all in the last few weeks)


Anonymous said...

The grass is always greener I guess!:)

Anonymous said...

It must be the thrill of the hunt (for new grass!!)

that picture of the filly with her head in the tree cracked me up! (once I knew she wasn't hurt by it) Horses are so crazy sometimes!

What possible incentive could she have found inside the tree?

Anonymous said...

That picture of the horse / tree has been all over the UK news too.. was even just on Graham Nortons show :)

ps love to Faune!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Adrian, that is my fear. Our farm will make the news because some horse was walking around with a gate stuck on its head!!

Faune says "my mommy is Gillian and I say hello"