Friday, October 10, 2008

Think Good Thoughts For Poco

As I type Poco the pony is at the vet clinic hooked up on IV fluids and receiving antibiotics and steroids. We noticed his breathing was really labored today and he just wasn't acting right. The vet came quickly and examined him. Normal temperature, excellent gut sounds, heart sounded great, terrible sounds coming from upper respiratory area. The vet tried to ultrasound so he could see his lungs but Poco was being himself and completely uncooperative. The vet was hesitant to tranquilize him before having a better idea of the problem. So the trailer was hooked up immediately and Poco went to the clinic where they could put him in the stocks. Why did he object so strongly to having an ultrasound probe on his stomach and chest? That is life with Poco.

The ultrasound was successfully completed and revealed a very inflamed epiglottis and larynx but no fluid or foreign objects in there. His bloodwork was completely normal with one glaring exception: one of his liver enzymes was extremely elevated. The high end of normal would be mid 80's and his was over 300. Two of the vets at the clinic (Tennessee Equine Hospital) consulted about his case and are unsure if the upper respiratory and the liver issue are related or unrelated, and we are all baffled about the cause of the upper respiratory inflammation. So Poco was admitted as a patient to the clinic and will be spending at least the weekend there.

I complain often about Poco as he is an evil pony always looking for the opportunity to bite me. But I have been sad all night and am now complaining about how much I miss him. So please think positive, healing thoughts for Poco. I hope he gets better and can come home soon.

Sparky the donkey is also devastated. He and Poco have been inseparable companions for nine years. Sparky brayed when Poco left on the trailer which is highly unusual. I hear Sparky "talk" maybe once a year. He waited for Poco for hours by the gate this afternoon.

I want Poco to get well and come home so I can complain about him some more. It isn't the same around here without him. :(

As I mentioned in a previous post Poco was purchased at a flea market (!) by my father who happened to be driving by and felt sorry for him. Poco has been torturing me and all other humans on this farm ever since and enjoying every minute of it.

In other news we had a chicken rodeo yesterday and today rounding up two new flocks of baby chicks, Gwen our wonderful farrier was here today, Apollo's mom Vivian was here today from Florida to visit him, and the vet accidentally knocked my camera off the shelf and it won't turn on. The concrete aisle in the barn has claimed yet another camera. Oh, and my refrigerator was repaired this morning and is now back to normal.


Anonymous said...

I hope Poco gets to feeling better! Im so sorry to hear this about him. I hope your weekend gets better starting today!

PS- ANOTHER Camera gone!? This one had a short life!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Get well, Poco!


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Poco does not thank you for your well wishes but I certainly do - thank you!!

Jessie - yes, another camera bites the dust. I just bought this one in July.

Holly Ratcliff said...

Melissa -- I'm sending good thoughts for Poco and Sparky your way. Poor Poco, and poor Sparky! I know how it is to watch one lose a companion and they are just like people when they feel loss and grieve. Hopefully their separation will be quite temporary!!!

Amy Bennett said...

Oh no! I am so sorry about Poco! Let me know if he can have visitors! I will come & see him! The vets did such a great job with my boy, I know that they will do good work on Sparky! I will keep you, him, and Jason (because I am sure he's griping about you griping about the all men seem to do!) in my thoughts & prayers!