Saturday, October 11, 2008

Poco Update: Still in the Horspital

Poco is still a patient at the horsepital. He is a a sad little sight with his IV fluid line. The good news is he is acting as feisty as ever and giving the clinic staff a lot to complain about! As of mid-day today after he had another ultrasound there was no improvement in the swelling in his upper respiratory area. There was also still no sign of any fluid where it shouldn't be, he still does not have a fever, still has excellent gut sounds and his heart sounds great.

His bloodwork was redone today and the liver enzyme that was off the charts high did come down a bit. Yesterday the reading was at 337, and the high range of normal would be about 84. Today that number had come down to 276. So some improvement in the liver area.

He has now had three of the five vets at Tennessee Equine Hospital consult on his case and I know he is in the best of hands. I have no doubt the staff there wishes he were in someone else's hands! Poco was making it clear that he was not grateful or appreciative for all of the expertise, time, care and money being spent on his behalf. Obviously he has long ago forgotten his humble beginnings when he was in desperate need of a new home and being offered for sale at a flea market one weekend.

Sparky the donkey finally gave up his vigil by the gate this afternoon. I saw him wander off and join Ogie for some quiet grazing. My mother bought Sparky his own batch of fresh carrots today so we think that helped ease his concern.

Everybody continue their good thoughts for Poco, he needs them.


ezra_pandora said...

Nothing should give those vets more incentive to get Poco well and on his way (and keep your vet bill down) than him being a feisty handfull. lol Poco is definitely in our thoughts today for a full recovery and for you and sparky to get your little companion back.

Amy Bennett said...

Did he come from the Triune flea market? We get all our chickens & guineas from there! :D

I am sure that he will pull through fine because he is so strong-willed!

I can't believe you broke your camera!

Next time you have a chick round-up....let me know ahead of time so I can come & video it! are your 2 girls? I've been wondering about an update...