Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nothing To Do With Anything

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the horses, the farm, running a retirement farm or anything. It is yet another "How I Spent My Saturday" post, or at least part of my Saturday. I found the whole thing to be quite humorous and decided to write a blog post about it despite the fact that it has nothing to do with the focus of my blog. Jason did not find a lot of humor in the day.

For some reason our toilet started running a lot a few days ago. Jason went to Home Depot Saturday morning and came home with replacement parts. I can't remember what he said he replaced, maybe the valve?? and something else. According to him replacing these things did not solve the problem. He decided the best thing to do would be to replace the entire toilet.

First he had to remove the old toilet. This should be an easy, pretty quick job. But we're talking about home/farm maintenance that involves us. Apparently whomever installed the toilet used the wrong size bolts and just pounded them in. Jason is down on the floor trying to loosen the bolts. He keeps having me bring him more tools, ranging from scissors to needle nosed pliers and everything in between. I hear a lot of grunting and moaning as he contorts himself trying to remove these bolts. Finally he gets the job done.

Then he starts screaming for me to open the door and to hurry up. He is racing through the house kind of half straddling the old toilet carrying it out. Of course it is heavy and still has some water in it. Me being me I took the time to grab my camera and was waiting for his appearance at the door. I have to say it was not a pretty picture, speaking literally.

Thank goodness he didn't drop it in the house and made it to the back door

That is not a happy look Jason

Then it was back to Home Depot, and we both went this time, to pick out another toilet. Who knew buying a toilet could be so complicated with so many choices? We finally picked one. We were able to narrow down our choices dramatically as Jason decided he would only buy a toilet where everything was in the same box: tank, bowl, seat and all parts needed for assembly. We purchased one with a flush performance of a 10 out of 10 and went home.

Now it was time to install the new toilet, which should be about a thirty minute job. Bear was our supervisor again, although from his expression in this picture I think he thought Jason was hopeless, or he was very unhappy about working on a Saturday again and decided to sleep on the job as protest.

Jason set about installing our new toilet. It seemed to be going fairly well with only a few explosions and minimal cursing. When he had it assembled and just needed to tighten down all of the various bolts he kept insisting it didn't look right. He made me come in and look at it. Like I know what the heck I'm looking at. I picked up the installation guide which Jason immediately ripped out of my hands and informed me it was useless. I found it fascinating that he knew the directions were useless given that he had yet to take them out of the plastic baggie they came in!

Finally I just called my dad and asked him to come down and look at our toilet installion and deliver a verdict. Not that he really knew any better than I did probably, but he is always happy to dispense an opinion. And since he is male his opinion carried some leverage.

He pronounced the toilet installation acceptable, Jason tightened all of the bolts, and we officially had the throne room functioning again. So I went outside to play with the horses. My blog will return back to its regularly scheduled program of horses and life on the retirement farm with the next post.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yes, I can confirm that picking out a toilet can be a long, drawn out ordeal.........................


Amy Bennett said...

LOL! I love those pictures!!!!!

The one of Jason on the deck with the toilet makes it almost look like he is straining really hard while USING the toilet. LMAO! :D

ezra_pandora said...

And we notice dad is allowed to read the

Amy Bennett said...

Melissa....this is nothing to do with your blog, but I have some pics of some of your critters on my website. You should check it out. I have Mable, Buster, & Apple on there! :D

When are you guys leaving? I am able to watch your zoo!

Amy Bennett said...


The website is