Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Word Description

One word is sufficient to describe this day: rain. Sometimes the rain came down softly, sometimes it poured, but it rained and rained and rained. There were some occasional breaks but they were brief. The horses were all rain proofed in either their sheets or blankets and happily grazed in the rain. I never saw a single horse in the shed as I went about my day today. Of course when we have a nice day of 65 and sun in a week or so the sheds will be occupied. Go figure.

I don't think Mina and Jo, world's cutest fainting goats, ever left the barn today. Like most goats they cannot stand to be wet. Many times I saw them looking out the barn doors with forlorn expressions. Tomorrow should be a better day for them, and for that matter for me as well. The rain is clearing out as I type and this makes me very happy. Tomorrow is a farrier day and it will be more pleasant to traipse all over the farm leading horses in and out when it is not raining.

Hope everyone else is having more pleasant weather! The red links in the picture captions will take you to a blog post that goes into a lot more detail about the specific horse.

Grazing as the sun was setting

Leo, Ivan and Thomas

Chance, Tony, Levendi, Thomas and Elfin

Thomas and Elfin behind the fence, Snappy in the front

Chance, Homer and Ivan are behind the fence; Silky and Clay are in the front

Buffy, Harmony and MyLight grazing in the morning sun


Traveller and Bridget

Norman and Cinnamon

Bonnie, Sky and Sparky just hanging out


ZionFarm said...

We got a horrid amount of rain as well. In fact, this whole season we have gotten a horrid amount of rain, which is really unusual. Now they are saying we will have a wintery mix on Saturday.

I saw the pictures of Mina and Jo on facebook, so cute!

Anonymous said...

What is the story on Cinnamon? Are there more horse there than the ones you post about?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Anonymous, Cinnamon just joined us a few weeks ago. Her owners waited quite awhile for us to make a place for her. I just haven't had time to write an introductory post for her although it is on my 'to do' list. But then again lots of things are on that list . . . :)