Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Update

Not a lot to report around here from the weekend - perfect! We've experienced many variations on our weather in the last week. We've had rain, cold, sun, more rain (!), and tomorrow we will be sunny and warm in the mid 60's. I feel like we've had four seasons in the span of about a week. Personally I vote to stay with the sunny and 60's theme but Mother Nature has other plans I am sure.

I have lots of help tomorrow so the plan is to ride all three horses at some point during the day and enjoy the weather. Yes, you did read that correctly about three horses. Lexi came home about a week ago after being away for several months. Her lessee had a change in her financial situation which made paying the board bill a struggle. I am not sure if I will try to find another lease situation for her or not. I probably should as I have no hope of keeping all three worked consistently, but I am enjoying having her home too much to ponder that right now.

My farrier has just about convinced me to try and condition Lexi to do some 25 mile endurance rides with her. She has done a couple of endurance races with some friends and she says they are a lot of fun. I am sure I would not look out of place at all riding my warmblood in my hunter or dressage tack but I might do it anyway!! Hearing her descriptions of how much fun she has and looking at her pictures are very convincing. The only thing that keeps me from total committment is the conditioning factor, or in other words the time factor. I used to be very training and goal focused with my riding. I still am to a point because it is just a part of who I am, but I find I am more and more interested in just plain old fun and having new experiences.

I wish it were possible to eliminate the need for sleep. Then I might actually have enough time to do all the things I would like to do in life. I am not complaining though, I am lucky to spend my days doing work I love and thoroughly enjoy. I remember very well the days when I had my recruiting company, sitting at my desk daydreaming about not being there. I never do that anymore and it is a blessing. Ok I do it fleetingly sometimes when it is pouring rain and I just slipped and fell in the mud. But then I remember commuting, rush hour traffic, power suits, corporate politics and the thoughts vanish quickly.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sebastian looking very clean and very cute. I keep looking at this picture marveling at how white he is!

Sparky having his feet trimmed

Snappy grazing in the woods

Ivan and Thomas walking through the pasture together while Dustin grazes in the background

Tony briefly lifted his head from grazing while I took his picture

Faune, the big French guy


L-R MyLight, Lily, Buffy, Missy, Harmony and Cuff Links

Clay and O'Reilly

Lucky, Teddy, and Lightening


lytha said...

oh, you'd love endurance, and a 25 is a piece of cake. i saw a big warmblood in a dressage saddle at a ride once, and he was moving so beautifully, so differently, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at him as he thundered along the trail.

i can almost promise you, that when you get done with the 25, you'll say, "let's do that again!"


The Equestrian Vagabond said...

yes, you would love endurance! Your horse just might too. the conditioning is important, but most horses can fairly easily do a 25. Here in the Pacific Northwest we often have a lot of gaiters at our endurance rides. "Go Gaiters!" And nobody cares what kind of tack you use, or if your colors match or what you wear. Most of us do it just to have fun, enjoy our horses, the trails, and the people. try it!