Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Weekend Report

We had another lovely weekend this weekend. The weather was wonderful all weekend. Friday the temperatures were in the high 60's and Saturday and Sunday brought us temperatures in the low to mid 70's. My only complaint was that it was bit windy on Sunday but really there wasn't much to complain about. The horses were all loving the weather as were the chickens, goats, dogs and basically every animal on the farm.

We spent a lot of time with Mina and Jo this weekend. Although Jason complained at first about adding two more "dependents" and mouths to feed, he is pretty taken with the Mina and Jo now. He is like an over-protective parent hovering around them! This weekend we took Mina and Jo out into the goat pen a few times for play time. They were so cute as they ran around exploring everything. By far their favorite activity was climbing on the tree stump left over courtesy of our other goats, Billy and Bubba (please let me insert this reminder that my dad is the responsible party for those names!).

In addition to playing with the goats I had some nice rides on Lexi as well. Otherwise it was pretty quiet weekend and we did our usual things like feeding, filling hay feeders, scrubbing water troughs and grooming horses. Our one weekend "we are so stupid" moment came when we went out to eat Saturday evening. As a thank you for helping him film his video about feeding horses Jason's friend Charlie had sent us a gift certificate to Stoney River Steakhouse. We had a nice meal but felt like idiots when we realized we had forgotten the gift card! So I guess we will be having yet another meal at Stoney River Steakhouse - duh!. All in all a quiet and laid back weekend, just the way we like them!

Video of Jo and Mina romping outside on Saturday

Mina on the tree stump
Jo and Mina on the run
Daddy standing over Jo and Mina being protective
Jo investigating the tree stump
Jo again
Mina was "in the house!"
Playing on the tree stump
Bear is still insanely jealous of Jo and Mina. He was always close by this weekend. Here he is sitting in the alley between two pastures while I was feeding horses.
Bear on the move this weekend
Tony smiling for the camera; he loved the weather this weekend
Homer; Homer was groomed by Amy on Friday and he is shedding like mad
Dustin smiling over the fence; Dustin was also groomed over the weekend. He never had much of a winter coat at all so shedding him out will be easy.


Anonymous said...

I can tell that you two are in love with Mina and Jo. My kid, Sanctuary Gate Yummy Bear AKA Bear, will be turning one week old tomorrow. I adore him and know how easy it is to spoil them. ;)

-Victoria and the Five-Zillion Critters

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Thanks for stopping by Melissa! Our father-in-law used to raise pigmy goats and the last one just pasted away a couple of months ago. His name was Lucky because he was lucky to be born. Anyway he was a friend to our miniature horse and now she's alone....sad. Yours are adorable and your photos are great!

Sully said...

Tony is my favorite horse at your house.

Ambi said...

I guess I didn't realize the goats were that little. Do they stay about that size?

~M. said...

Those goats are too darn cute!!!

ezra_pandora said...

Awww!!! They are adorable!! They look tiny too. How big are they actually and will they grow some more? I know you said they are only a few months old, so I assume they'll be growing at least a little. That was so fun watching them play around on that fallen tree and stump. Too darn cute.

I am so jealous of your nice weather. We got rain, rain and more rain, and then a tornado touched down at a place we had been at 15 minutes after we left. Talk about good timing!! Crazy. So windy and rain for us here. You lucky bums :))

lytha said...

your animals look so healthy, it's really great to see all these pics of happy horses!


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Yes, we are in love with our new kids. Jason was joking this weekend that he might have to hand in his man-card! :)

The goats were born about six days apart in mid-December so they are still quite young. They will both get bigger although they will always be smaller than Billy and Bubba, the other two goats.

E-P I am so glad you managed to MISS the tornado!! Did you even know it was near where you were?

Sully, I thik Tony is super cute. I think the cutest face on the farm would go to Levendi but Tony has an adorable face. He also acts like he has a grumpy personality but he's actually a teddy bear. We call him Tony the Tiger because of the old Frosted Flakes commercials. We always say "Tony is Grrrrrrreat!"

ZionFarm said...

Those goats take cute to a new level! I bet they are loving their new home too. Can't wait to hear all the future goat stories!:)

ezra_pandora said...

Nope! lol We were visiting my hubby's sister who lives in Defiance. We had just left 15 minutes before it touched down. We were listening to the radio when that emergency beeping started on the radio and they said the tornado had touched down by the Meijer, right where we got on the expressway 15 minutes earlier. Didn't look like like tornado weather or anything. In fact, like 2 minutes before the warning, we were staring at a rainbow. Strangest thing ever.

Have the goats been fainting a lot? lol