Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Benign Thursday

(post by Jason) I think the best thing about today, other than maybe the clear blue skies and cool but fantastic weather, was that nothing out of the ordinary happened. The first few days of this week were jam packed and busy with vets and farriers continually coming and going from the farm, we took a horse to the vet clinic, etc. so an ordinary, uneventful day was welcome. We didn't even have to feed hay today.

Faune, the Big French Guy, ready to go on a field trip to the clinic on Wednesday afternoon (all is well with Faune, he just needed some maintenance work!) 

Both the morning and afternoon feedings were uneventful today and everything went as it should have. I don't know that it will ever happen again but this morning everybody that needed meds was cooperative about being caught and getting their meds. I didn't get any bad or unwanted phone calls today. In fact, I didn't get any phone calls at all. I even had the chance to do some Christmas shopping at lunchtime. You can't get much near the farm in terms of fancy Christmas stuff, but at least I got a chance to have a look around at TSC and Home Depot. If you can't get it there we probably don't need it anyway.

When I started typing this post was going to focus on Christmas shopping and farm Christmas wish lists. But the truth of the matter is that all I want for Christmas this year are lots and lots of pleasant, benign days like this one.

I love this picture that has been floating around on Facebook

 Fabrizzio and Noble (Noble was aiming for a mud rolling award)

Merlin also wanted to be in the medal ceremony for mud rolling

Walden and Thor

Largo and Clayton



Chance, Leo and Homer

Traveller and Norman


EvenSong said...

Ha! It's pretty much a given that a gift from HD or Coastal Farm & Ranch will go over well at this farm.

As for the mud competition--tell me again why we own grays (2) and Paints (2). At least the dun base coat on my Kate is the same color as the mud!

Bif said...

Ahh, Life IS Good.