Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Year In Pictures

I always like to glance through all of the pictures I've taken at the end of the year.  It is always interesting to watch the changing of the seasons through the pictures and to see brief moments in time of the year.  Below is a compilation of random pictures taken during 2012.  Enjoy a pictorial walk down memory lane of 2012!

January 2012

Rampal napping hard in the hay

Jason hanging out with his girls, Miss Lyle, Jo and Mina

Norman and Traveller are pony cuteness

Jason and Miracle on New Year's Day 2012

The Kremlin in Moscow; picture taken at 10am Moscow time

Me in front of St. Basil's cathedral, a few minutes after the picture above. Moscow is a cold, dark place in January.

February 2012

Lighty, Alex and Darby

MyLight and Maisie

Trigger and Leo

Grand on the run followed by Apollo, Homer and Thomas

March 2012

Lily's body clip well underway

Elfin doing his famous dog walk mid-roll to switch to the other side

Silver, Winston and Gus

Largo and Clayton having a grooming session

April 2012

Asterik and Lotus having some play time

Walden, Fabrizzio and Thor

Silver, Winston, Romeo, Gus and Asterik

MyLight and Traveller

May 2012

O'Reilly and Lucky are buddies

George and Asterik

Levendi and Moe grooming

Romeo and Lotus having a good time

June 2012

Snappy, Lucky and Lightening waiting for breakfast

view from the road

Moe found an excellent place to roll after it rained. He should be white like Lily in the background


July 2012

Johnny and Lighty on the run

Gus and George having a pre-dawn grooming session

Wiz and Sebastian

Stormy and Rampal

Hemi resting his head on Thomas

August 2012

Winston and Titan

a spectacular sunrise

Sam, Johnny, Dutch and Wiz

Norman and Calimba

Johnny and Tiny weren't lacking for grass to graze on

September 2012

Rocky and Toledo grooming

Norman and Traveller doing some early morning grazing

Murphy, Johnny, Dutch and Sam

the farm looked like a painting under the morning sun

my favorite curve in the driveway

October 2012



Rocky, Largo and Clayton

another fabulous sunrise picture

Miracle, Sky and Griselle all in a full gallop

Stormy, Clayton, Johnny and Bergie

November 2012

Romeo showing off his new hay-do

Faune and Winston

Apollo and Tony

Romeo, Titan and Lotus

Merlin, Fabrizzio and Walden

December 2012

Lucky, Lightening, Merlin and Noble

Rocky and Largo being very playful

a cute scene with alternating standers and nappers; L-R is Chili, Johnny, Renny, Dutch, Murphy, Sam, Wiz and Africa (the dot back by the tree line)

the view to start the day; Asterik, Gus, Titan, Winston, Romeo and Lotus

Levendi, Tony, Thomas and Baby



RuckusButt said...

I tried to keep a top 5 or so pictures to comment on as being my favorites, but I ran way over and gave up! Beautiful farm, beautiful horses, and beautiful pictures! May 2013 be a wonderful year for you both and your families.

SmartAlex said...

You need to make a calender.