Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Paradigm Farms Names

In my last blog post I mentioned that we had 11 of the top 100 SmartPak names represented on our farm.  We currently have three pairs of horses at our farm that share a name.   The only thing that surprises me about these three names is that none of them made the SmartPak Top 100.  I guess these names are only popular at Paradigm Farms!  None of the horses with shared names happen to be pasture mates which certainly helps to keep halters and blankets from winding up on the wrong horse, not that they would fit the wrong owners anyway.  Without further ado here are the top 3 Paradigm Farms names:

1. Lightening and Lightening - We have no trouble knowing which Lightening we are referring to as one of them actually goes by Lighty.  It keeps things simple.

Lighty - Oldenburg gelding

Lightening - Arabian gelding

2. Silky and Silky - We also never have any issues knowing which Silky we are referring to in conversation.  We gave the pony named Silky the nickname of Slinky and that is how we refer to him.  When the shipper who was bringing him to our farm would call us with updates he always called him Slinky.  After meeting him in person the nickname stayed because he was simply way too much of a  macho man to go by Silky.  

Silky, AKA Slinky, bay welsh cross large pony gelding

Silky, chestnut appaloosa mare

3.  Johnny and  Johnny - Neither of our Johnnys go by a  nickname so if we need to distinguish we refer to them as paint Johnny and bay Johnny, we even have their blankets labeled this way.  

Johnny the black and white paint gelding

Johnny the bay dutch warmblood gelding


B-Rad eating hay, Renny walking past the shed

Largo and Clayton hanging out

Thomas, Hemi and Apollo

Wiz and Murphy

George, Winston and Asterik

Lighty and Johnny having some playtime

Snappy and Slinky hanging out




Anonymous said...

My Dawn has a stall neighbor whose name is also Dawn. Dawn 1 (my Dawn) is bigger - 15.1 hands or so, and more solid, and has no white markings. Dawn 2 is a little 3yo QH who is barely 14.2 and has a star and strip. They're actually very good friends in the pasture and hang out together quite a lot.

RuckusButt said...

I am all about names these days as I try to find a good barn name for my new guy.

Horses using shelters!! You must have set up everything "just right" as I don't think I've seen so many 'horses using the run-ins' pictures in all the years I've been reading your blog!

Lisa said...

I've always wondered about B-Rad's name - have you posted about this before?

Anonymous said...