Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top Names

SmartPak recently published their annual list of their most popular horse names.  They compile the list from the horses that are on SmartPaks each year.  The complete list of their top 100 names can be found by clicking here. This year we had 11 names from the top 100 represented on our farm. Any of the names listed in blue below are hyperlinks and you can click on the name to learn more about them.

I am surprised that the names that happen to be the most popular on our farm did not make the SmartPak top 100 list.  In another blog post I'll do the top Paradigm Farms names, and below are our representatives on the SmartPak 100:

#5 Rocky

#7 Chance

#19 Romeo

#25 Lucky

#32 Sam

#39 Lily

#54 Stormy

#58 Leo

#66 Gus

#97 Winston


Darby and B-Rad

Johnny, Africa and Wiz

Bergie wanted to have the same coat color as his pal Clayton



Grand, Baby, Moe and Homer




I'm not sure if  Murphy was trying to be aerodynamic with his ears or if he was highly annoyed about something


1 comment:

RiderWriter said...

Winston? Really? I can't believe that even made the list! I know of a dog named Winston but I've certainly never met a horse with that name. Curious.

Love all your photos of your residents looking happy in pastures, they are so heart-warming!